Q & A On Keep and Bear Arms

Questions and Answers on the nature of the Second Amendment

Originally Posted by ripcurlksm on Calguns.net
1) Do you support concealed carry permits for any person who wants
one as long as they are not prohibited from owning a firearm?

Answer to 1)
My RKBA beliefs are a bit stronger. I am in favor of Constitutional
Carry, as is practiced in Vermont and Alaska.  Why does the state
feel it can license a fundamental right?  In East Germany people
were required to register all typewriters.  Should we do that here,
so the 1st Amendment can be licensed like the 2nd Amendment?

2) Name a few state or federal gun laws that you support and think
are good/practical for the greater safety of society?

Answer to 2) Federal laws restricting chemical, biological and
nuclear weapons are valid. The US Const. specifically mentions
letters of marque and reprisal, directly implying that citizens
were expected to own and operate crew served weapons of substantial
destructive power. The legal construct of lifetime firearms prohibition
is valid for violent crimes. The concept of “felony” has been watered
down to the point where arguing with a meter maid at a national
park is a felony, as is throwing rocks at geese, as is putting a
butter knife in a picnic basket. With today’s flimsy felonies, a
felony conviction is not a valid reason for a lifetime suspension
of fundamental rights.

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