What Party Are You?

In 1962 Ronald Reagan observed “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party.
The party left me.”  I can echo Reagan’s line, but the party in question
is the Republican Party.  Currently I am registered as an Independent.

When the fiscal conservative wing of the Republican Party lost control
and allowed George W. Bush to spend, spend, spend, and then pledge to
spend an unlimited amount more, it left all Republicans.  Although the
policies of President Obama are much worse, the free-spending policies
of the Bush administration were profoundly wrong.  Unlimited spending
will eventually cause the United States to unravel.

More than once I have labeled myself “Anti-Spendemican”, a silly name
I made up to express my opposition to the spending polices of the Democrat
and Republican parties.  The platform of the Anti-Spendemican party
is that we, as Americans, should have a federal government that spends
only on programs specified in the Constitution.

This is not an argument against the policies that are outside the scope
of the Constitution.  Such policies can be pursued by either the States,
or by private parties.

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