Why run for office?

Why would anybody run for political office?

One of the mail reasons I am again running for Fountain Valley City
Council is because I do not want to leave the fiscal mess to my
children.  As a parent, I do not want to make my children into
indentured servants, working for decades to pay back debts they did
not create and for which they got little value.

My run for office is not inspired by any sort of personal or general
animosity to the government of Fountain Valley.  On the contrary,
I think Fountain Valley is fairly well run, and I have good
relationships with most of the City leaders.

The size and scope of the fiscal mess confronting us is so huge it
seems to be invisible.  The combined debts of the City, County,
State and Federal governments, along with the promised future
obligations of these entities, are impossibly large.  There is not
enough money in the world, and there will not be enough wealth in
the world, to pay what has been promised.  No amount of compassion
or good intent will change these facts.

As a society, we do not need to elect more politicians promising
to go and do the business of the people.  It is that mindset that
got us into this dire situation.  What is needed is for adults to
be elected — adults that can look at the situation, make choices,
and start dismantling the unsustainable structure that is now in
place.  I can be an unapologetic dismantler because I know the

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