Q & A From Orange County Register


Frank Perdicaro


Date of birth:
June, 1965

City of residence:
Fountain Valley

Software for the commercial press industry

Family (Marital status, how many sons, how many daughters):
My wife and I met in junior high school.  We have 1 young son and
1 young daughter

Education: (School, degree, year)
BA Physics, Bowdoin College, 1987
MS Computer Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Lowell, 1995
Welding program, Orange Coast College, around 1998

Experience (generally political): (agency/office, dates served)
Ran for FVCC once, tried to be appointed to FVCC once.
No other political experience, other than working to get a variety
of laws changed at the local, county, state and federal level.



1. What do you think is the most pressing issue facing Fountain
Valley and how would you solve it? Please answer in 75 words or

For Fountain Valley, and all of the State of California,
the most serious problem is the budget.  For the past decade
California has spent more than it collected in taxes.  Worse still, the
State has promised to spend vastly more money that it
will never have.  Taxes are already too high. The FVCC must implement
a sharp reduction in the size and scope of government.
Every constituency will claim cuts are impossible.  Reality says otherwise.

2. Please mention an accomplishment, skill or personality characteristic
that makes you suitable for a seat on the council? Please answer
in 75 words or less (not a word more).

More than a decade ago I ran for FVCC using the motto “Vote for
simplicity in government.”.  At that time I feared the constant
expansion in government size and expense would some day cause
serious grief.  My message was too early, but I have had a decade
to think about the need to and how to shrink government to fit the
tax base. I am not beholden to any group, except the taxpayers.

3. A lot of cities are rushing to prove they are not similar to the
city of Bell. Is there anything your city is not doing that you
would like to see them do? If they are doing something well, what
is it? How do you feel about having your salary out there for the
public to view? Please answer in 75 words or less (not a word more).

Fountain Valley is well run; if California was run like
Fountain Valley, the State would be able to pay its bills.
Bell showed what happens when civil servants are allowed to
do what they want.  All city rules and expenses should be
public and easily accessible.

The City needs to refocus on the long-hidden reality that
all levels of government have spent way too much.  Future
prosperity and growth requires government to spend less.

(Please remember to include the photo)

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