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I answered with characteristic truth!
Sunday, September 11, 2010
Responses to Talley & Associates Questions

Ms. Talley,
Thanks for sending your list of questions.  I will answer all questions sent to me.  Additionally, I will comment on the bias, point of view, and errors in the questions sent.

Overall your product is one of the better ones, with less than a dozen typographical mistakes and fairly evenhanded questions.  Keep up the good work.

Start Page 1
I am Frank Perdicaro and am a candidate for Fountain Valley City Council. My address is xxx xxxxx Avenue, Fountain Valley. My home phone is xxx xxx xxxx, and is an unlisted number, so please do not  publish it.  You can contact me by email at fperdicaro@att.net.

I am supporting John C. and  Guy C. for FVCC here in 2010.  It is not  clear if either of them knows this.

Since 1987 I have supported my self by creating software for the commercial print field.

Currently I have no political affiliation; the State of California calls me “independent”.  Occasionally I call myself “anti-spendemican”, a  term I coined to summarize my distaste for the spend-spend-spend policies of the Democrats and Republicans.

I own my home in Fountain Valley and have lived in it for about 15 years.  Although I have done some independent consulting, I do not own a business.

For more than a decade I have served with the Fountain Valley RACES, a  volunteer group in the Fountain Valley Police Department.  During most of that time I have been an active member of the NRA Members Council of  Huntington Beach.

It is certainly presumptuous, and somewhat insulting to the civic ideal, to create a questionnaire without expressing the optional nature of a campaign committee.  More of the same — big-spending candidates with expansive plans and professionally run campaigns — will not fix or even slow the descent into chaos.   In the future, re-write your Questionnaire to reflect this reality, no matter how distasteful you might find reality.

I have no campaign committee.
End Page 1

Start Page 2
Yes, I seek the support, in the form of endorsement, of a variety of PACs.

The top 3 issues facing my jurisdiction are the same as in so many other place in California.

1) How can Fountain Valley spend less so the expense is matched to the income? The City must shrink as the tax base shrinks, as the tax payers are already overburdened.

2) How can the existing unfunded liabilities and absurdly expensive contracts with City employees be cut, crushed, renegotiated, deleted, etc.? City employees, and particularly members of public service unions, will be reluctant to face the reality of lower income, bankrupt pension plans, and bankrupt health care plans.

3) The City has a bit of a problem with the notion of freedom. From complex building codes to profoundly unconstitutional firearms laws, the City of  Fountain Valley needs to understand more clearly that the purpose of government is to secure the liberties of the people, not to perpetuate itself.

A city should create a zoning policy and stick to it.  As the importance of various building methods is understood — seismic restraint and  high-efficiency insulation for example — the city should strongly encourage renovations and expansions to conform to updated standards.

The city should not be in the business of housing.  No rent control, no public housing.  The use of eminent domain should be restricted to the very few cases where new roads, and similar civic features, are needed.

Proposition 13 should be protected.  No dilution or split-roll trickery.

I am a candidate, in part, because I do not want to do nothing and let evil succeed.  I have been involved in local and state politics for decades, but despite my best efforts we (as a society) have more laws, stronger public unions, more government programs and way, way, way more debt than before. The endgame will not be pretty if we all continue along this road.

My children are 8 and 10.  I want to be able to tell my children I fought the good fight and tried to keep government from spending money not yet earned. Children should not be burdened by the debts of their parents and grandparents.

The best candidate for housing issues will insist on the points I mentioned above.

Endorsements are nice to have, but hard to come by, especially for those willing to speak and write the truth. FVCC member Guy C. signed  my nomination papers.  Blogger Anthony Watts gives me his personal endorsement.  I will have the endorsement of the NRA, just as I had the last time I ran. Congresscritter Dana R. might give me an endorsement, as might OC Supervisor John M.  Jon Coupal and Steven Greenhut are possibilities.

No unions will endorse me.

Additional Information:
1) See attached campaign literature.
2) I have taken the budget problem of the State of California very seriously. During my period of research, I spoke with two state Senators and three Assemblymen.  Then I took the Governor’s challenge and rewrote the state budget.  This required lots of work and considerable restructuring of the State. I have a large radical document, suitable mostly for policy wonks.

End Page 2

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