California Budget 2011: Previews of Failure

The recently-passed state spending plan is already in grave danger. The danger is due not to the fantasies in the existing spending plan, but there certainly is plenty to worry about.

The plan is in danger because the Democrat leadership of the California Senate has already announced that the next governor will be pressured to reverse the cuts! (See  The state is already in debt to the tune of hundreds of billions, there is no economic turnaround seen any time soon, the state Constitution requires a balanced budget, and the head of the Democrats plans to increase deficit spending as soon as possible.

Out here in the real world, where people pay taxes, conduct of the sort that is common in the California Senate would result in people being put in prison.  But the elected officials are unconcerned about breaking laws.

The current spending plan does not consider the sharp reduction in tax revenue that will happen when the temporary taxes expire.  Remember those taxes proposed by the Governator and approved by the voters so we could fix the budget once and for all?   That was just two years ago. The budget was never balanced, the reserve never built up, and no structural changes were even proposed.  All we got was another two years of spending and lies.

Sacramento needs a radical dose of reality.

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